Welcome to Middlerock.



We are advisors who are passionate about the art of running great companies. 

We're in a constant state of discovery, improvement, and the pursuit of something better than we ever imagined and we love to share what we've learned. 


We believe that the best run companies carefully balance four interests; the shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers and that balance is what creates the optimum path for any great company. The constant evolution and implementation of this delicate equilibrium is never-ending and it's why we're in an endless pursuit to find and implement what we think achieves optimum.


Having fun is a key ingredient to success at any company no matter how challenging or tedious the work may be at times. We never forget the importance of this core element and keep it front and center in everything we do and it's reflected in our practice.



Middlerock Services

Middlerock Partners was created to meet the needs of CEOs and senior managers who either have some objectives they want to meet or they need to fix something because they somehow stepped in it big time. While many of the problems we help solve are unique and difficult to fit into just one box, here are just a few examples of areas we can help:


Culture DevelopmenT

We will get to know the subtleties that define your company culture and help you identify ways to either build on that foundation or help you make the necessary changes to create the culture you want. 


Organizational Development

From finding top talent to locating problem areas within your org chart, we can help retool your infrastructure for growth even when money is tight. We're not the slash and burn types either.


Growth Strategy

We will evaluate how you analyze the competitive landscape and help you come up with new ways to evaluate where you're going and why.


Interim Crisis Management

A sudden corporate disruption at the senior level can cripple the company and shut things down overnight. We can help keep that from happening and come up with that emergency plan, and even step in if necessary.


Market Strategy

We love to help build a great marketing strategy and often provide assistance to marketing teams to better clarify objectives. We don't apply the same strategy every time because in marketing there are more options than ever before and their effectiveness is in a constant state of evolution.


Exit and M&A Plan

We have experience on the M&A side and can share what we know about the process and help you exit if that's your objective. Or buy that right company to help you grow.



Middlerock Team

Tom Nault  (bio)

Tom Nault (bio)

Nicci Valiquette  (bio)

Nicci Valiquette (bio)

Christian Diamond  (bio)

Christian Diamond (bio)

Kimberly Lind  (bio)

Kimberly Lind (bio)

Craig Rominger ( bio )

Craig Rominger (bio)